Sorry I’ve been busy!

Long time no update. Anyways, I’ve been rather busy lately R&D’ing THREE new pedals, two of which you can see below. Also in the mix are two clones I built up for myself. 

Lovepedal Purple Plexi 800 clone w/ tweaks for more bass and BACKLIT KNOB (see next picture). I’ll be offering this as a custom feature on future pedals. 


Way Huge Red Llama Clone, with backlit knob. 


Prototype #1: NKVD. The NKVD is a particularly nasty (hence the name) fuzz that can go from ear-bleeding treble to thick, woolly fuzz in a heartbeat. It features pre-gain, and overall gain controls, as well as a two band tonestack & master volume. The prototype pictured below has a feedback looper built in. 


Ram’s Head Big Muff & TS9 combo pedal. Built for myself to save space on my pedalboard. 


Prototype #2: Titan Tremolo. This is a two-oscillator tremolo. The first oscillator controls the main trem circuit. It has two speed range settings and can be adjusted by the Osc 1 speed knob. The second oscillator can either modulate the speed of the first oscillator, or it can act as its own tremolo. The left foot switch engages and disengages it. The mix knob can blend between wet & dry, or Oscillator 1 or 2. 

I’m still tinkering with this. A deluxe version will have an envelope-controlled speed feature. 



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