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EAD Thunder Horse
Nasty Fuzz Pedal w/ Clean Blend
Controls: Fuzz Volume, Fuzz Gain, Blend
Only uses 9v DC external adapter (NO BATTERIES)

$150 USD (Including shipping)

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We are now offering pedalboard utility services, including, but not limited to:

-Power Breakout Boxes

-True Bypass Loopers

-Feedback Loopers

-Buffered Patch Bays


Everything is built to order with any number of options, loops, etc. We are much quicker than our competitors (i.e. no 6 month waiting list). All wiring is military spec using only the best components.

Email Evan at EHCoffey –at–



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I Am Troy Davis

Currently hoping the State of Georgia doesn’t execute Troy Davis.

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Dual Boost/OD/Fuzz Pedal

This isn’t intended to be a preview of a pedal I may not manufacture at some point. It is two of the quite famous (for a good reason) Z. Vex Super Hard Ons. It is designed to be used with clean to mildly distorted amps. Basically you use the booster attached to the bottom switch as your rhythm tone and hit the idiot switch in the upper left corner as a sort of solo sound. Or you could preset two different boost volumes for two different overdrive settings, but I never found much of a use in that regard as both of the SHO’s sound better dimed… Built for David Bellard. 

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Website designed for Northern Lights Gift Shops

Cute and cuddly website.

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Hello world!

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